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Teen Patti Live

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Teen Patti Live Apk | Download 3 Patti Live Casino | New Live Teen Patti App

Teen Patti Live Apk
Teen Patti Live Apk

Teen Patti Live Apk: Hi Allnewrummyapps readers welcome back again with the very popular Teen Patti App and the name of this Teen Patti Real cash apk is already cleared to you as you have already read the article title. Many of the people are using this 3 Patti Live Apk to earn money in real time as well as this application is 100% legit. Bonus ₹51 Rummy Ares Apk Download New Rummy Ares App

Teen Patti Live is a online earning app as you know that there are lots of Teen Patti and Rummy Earning Apps are available on the internet but you don’t know is that 50% of the applications are fraud or they cheat with you in many aspects so you have to be very carefull before choosing the right 3 Patti Real Cash apk for you.

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I have chosen this Teen Patti Earning App to earn money for me and now i am sharing the application with you all guys because i know this application is good and anyone can use the app and earn real cash and also can withdraw the winnings into their bank account easily.

About Teen Patti Live, Download 3 Patti Live App

App NameTeen Patti Live Apk
Signup BonusRs.30
Official Rummy SiteAllapprummy.Com
Referral Bonus30%
Minimum PayoutRs.100
Payout OptionsBank Transfer
Download Teen Patti LiveClick Here
Teen Patti Live Apk Download

Teen Patti Live Apk is a legit app which has so many Indian users and the youth like this particular app very much not just because it is a gaming platform but the application has the unique interface with very attractive referral income system and that attracted me the most.

You have the games like every rummy game app provides their users and you will get here more than 10 games to earn money also along with that the Teen Patti Live apk take cares of your referrals because you are going to make money from every referrals every task.

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We will discuss the details of the referral income of teen patti live apk later and so that just focus on the other aspects of this 3 patti live apk.

Teen Patti Live: Games Available To Earn Money

There are many games available in the Teen Patti Live Apk and you can use this app to play your favorite game which is Dragon vs Tiger because this is the best game to earn money with no time waste.

  1. Teen Patti
  2. Andar Bahar
  3. Rummy
  4. 7 Up 7 Down
  5. Red vs Black
  6. Baccarat AB
  7. Jhandi Munda
  8. Dragon vs Tiger
  9. Roulette
  10. Wingo Lottery
  11. Pot Blind
  12. Joker
  13. Baccarat

How do you play Dragon and Tiger in Rummy Game

Basics of Dragon Tiger Game

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The low to high card order of dragon cards are A-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-J-Q-K, with Kings being the highest.

  • The game is played with a conventional 52-card deck that does not include any jokers or wildcards.
  • It is played in a shoe with 6 or 8 cards.
  • Players can wager on either the Dragon or the Tiger, and the dealer will deal one card to each side for the dragon vs tiger game.
  • Regardless of the suit, the highest card determines the outcome.
  • The aces are rated lowest, while the rest of the cards are ranked according to their natural value, with the King being the highest.

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Dragon Vs Tiger Rules

Dragon Tiger is a game that is easy to pick up and play. As per the dragon tiger rules, one card is dealt with the Dragon Placing position and the other with the Tiger Placing position on the table.

  • As per the dragon tiger game rules, the winning Placing position is the one with the highest card.
  • As the player, you choose whether to gamble on the Dragon, Tiger, or Tie.
  • The lowest ranking card is an ace, with the rest of the cards following their natural values – two is the next lowest, and the king is the highest.
  • In Live Dragon Tiger, the highest card, regardless of suit, wins.
  • In the event of a tie, both the Dragon and Tiger positions are dealt the same card. The players lose half of their Place on either the Dragon side or the Tiger side.
  • Winning Places are paid out at the end of each game round.
  • For each game round, you can place several side Places.

First of all, you have to guess in this game who will win here in Dragon and Tiger. If you put money on a dragon and the dragon wins, you get just double the money.

Place: 10₹
Place: 30₹
Place: 70₹
Place: 150₹
Place: 350₹
Place: 800₹
Place: 1700₹
Place: 3600₹
you can choose “Dragon” or “Tiger” to place a Place.
Choose to place “Tiger” Place amount: 10.
If the Place on “Tiger” does not win, the Place amount is selected: 30.
If the Place on “Tiger” does not win, choose the Place amount: 70.
If the Place on “Tiger” does not win, choose the Place amount: 150.
If Place “Tiger” has won, modify the investment amount; Place 10 again.
If one of them, once you win, continue to choose 10 to Place again.

How To Download Teen Patti Live Apk

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Teen Patti Live Apk can be downloaded very easily from the official Website. This is very easy and simple to download 3 patti live apk because you just have to visit the Official Teen Patti Live site and just tap on the download button to get that apk downloaded in your mobile phone.

  1. Click here to visit official website.
  2. Search for Teen Patti Live.
  3. Open the download page.
  4. Tap on the download button.
  5. Apk download will begin.
  6. Once the apk is downloaded you can install the app.

How To Create Account In Teen Patti Live & Get Rewards

  1. First of all click here to download the Teen Patti Live Apk.
  2. Install and open the apk file.
  3. Click on the register/Signup button.
  4. Enter the details and click OTP.
  5. Enter the OTP and tap on register/Confirm.
  6. Your account is now created and bonus will be credited in your wallet.

Teen Patti Live Apk: Referral Program

Teen Patti Live Apk has one of the best referral program because other application only give us referral program from just one condition but here this 3 Patti Live Apk will give you with everything because what ever your referral will do you will earn from your referrals for life time.

There are 3 Types of referral income that you can earn from your friends and all of them are listed below:

Invite Bonus: In Teen Patti Live Apk you will earn ₹5 for every registration using your referral link

Deposit Bonus: Here you will also earn lifetime commission from all your referrals add cash amount and the commission is 5% of your friends deposit amount.

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Game Bonus: The games bonus will come into play when you friends will bet in games to play the game. They win/lose doesn’t matter you will earn 1.5% commission of your friends win/lose amount.

How To Refer & Earn Money: 3 Patti Live App

  1. Open the Teen Patti Live Apk.
  2. Tap on the Refer & Earn.
  3. Click on Copy link.
  4. Now share the link with friends and family.
  5. You can also use the Social Media to share link with many people.

How To Add Cash In Teen Patti Live Apk

You can add cash in the Teen Patti Live App by following the steps below:

  1. Open the Teen Patti Live App.
  2. Tap on the Store button.
  3. Choose the amount to add.
  4. Select the browser and continue.
  5. Complete the payment and receive money.

Withdraw Winnings from Teen Patti Live App

If you want to withdraw your winnings from this 3 Patti Live Apk then you must have the bank account because you cannot withdraw money in your Paytm Wallet.

You must have minimum of ₹200 in your winnings wallet as well.

  1. Open the Teen Patti Live App.
  2. Tap on the withdraw button.
  3. Tap on Add Bank Card.
  4. Enter the bank details and save that.
  5. Choose the amount & click withdraw.

You can also check the process of withdraw in Records.

Customer Support: Teen Patti Live App

  1. you have to click on the service button on the home page,
  2. after that the PH of the online service will open in front of you,
  3. in which you want to solve your winning problem inside the box containing the message,
  4. you have to fill it and then on the send button. Click to send that message
  5. +62 895386840536
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DISCLAIMER:- This game involves financial risk. You may get addicted to this game. Therefore, all of you are requested to play this game on your own responsibility and at your own risk. If you are over 18 years old then you don’t play this game then you stay away from this game.

Teen Patti Live Apps FAQ’s

Q.1How Much is Sign-Up Bonus in Teen Patti Live
Ans – Sign Up Bonus Rs.20
Q.2What is the Minimum  Withdraw of Teen Patti Live Apps?
Ans –Minimum Withdraw is Rs.100
Q.3What is the Maximum Deposit of Teen Patti Live App ?
Ans – Maximum Deposit Is Rs.50
Q.4How much bonus do you get on each Invite in Teen Patti Live App?
Ans –Per Invites –Rs.5.
Q.5How much recharge commission do you get in Teen Patti Live App?
Ans – Recharge Commission 100%  
Teen Patti Live App


Friends, through this article, we have given you information about Teen Patti Live APK, Download Teen Patti Live Apps, Download Teen Patti Live Game. If you want to win thousands of rupees real cash per day by playing Teen Patti game. So you just download this application by going to the download button above. And how do you also win thousands of rupees real daily by playing the game.

Friends, we hope that you will like the information given by us very much. If you liked this article, then you must give your opinion by commenting to us and also if you want to get more interesting information about such Teen Patti game Rummy game, then you must bookmark our website thank you.

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