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In this application, immediate payment withdrawal is being given by the company to the people. And in this application you can withdraw a minimum ₹50 instantly. Apart from this, in this application you get great features like Signup Bonus Daily Bonus Weekly Bonus Referral Commission. By which you get a chance to win more and more real cash through this application.

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Friends, before we introduce you to its features, let us tell you that you can also call this app Teen Patti Knox, but its official name is Knox Teen Patti App, in which Sign-Up Bonus is ₹ 5, you get these bonuses. You can use it to play in the game, and can also withdraw them quite easily, because this app is going to be quite verified.

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About Teen Patti Knox Apk

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Knox Teen Patti App Download :- Friends, in today’s article we have come up with a Teen Patti Knox APK, in which you are also going to make a lot of profit, but let me tell you that in this register bonus of ₹ 5 is available, and Min. Cash out is going to be ₹ 50, friends, you cannot guess how much you are earning from this, because many people have earned fun from this application, and earning is also doing very well.

App Name :Rummy Knox
Publisher :Rummy Game
App Size :52 Mb
Version of App :Latest
Sign Up Bonus :31Rs
Rummy Knox Refer Code :2789720
RummyKnox Refer and Earn :Sign up 41rs and Commission 30% Lifetime
TeenPatti Teen Patti ApkDownload Knox Teen Patti Apk

If you also want to win real cash by playing rummy game then you download this application in your smartphone now. Now we will give you Knox Teen Patti App Download through this speculation. Download Teen Patti Knox APK | Briefly give complete information about Download Rummy Knox APK.

Knox Teen Patti APK is just recently launched a new rummy game application. Through this application you can win thousands of rupees real cash daily by playing a rummy game from your smartphone. And also you can transfer that real cash to your bank account instantly, whichever real cash you win. There is tremendous enthusiasm among the people regarding this application. Till now thousands of people have won real cash worth lakhs of rupees by downloading this application.

How To Download Teen Patti Knox App

Want to earn money by playing a rummy game at Teen Patti Knox App. So you have to first download this application on your smartphone. If you search for this application on the google play store then you will not find it on the google play store. That’s why we are giving below to download the APK file of this application for your convenience. You can download this application in your smartphone in a very simple way by clicking on the download button.

  • Click on the Download Button.
  • Now a new page will open there, click on Download and Rummy Golds Game will be downloaded.

How To Create Account in Teen Patti Knox Apk

If friends want you to create your account in Teen Patti Knox App, then you have to first download this app from our given link for that, after that you have to install this app very easily, then you have to download the app. If you want to open it, then it will automatically send you to the home page, there you have to click on the profile, then you have to click on Bind, then you have to fill the information given on it and click on Register, then you can click on it. Will create an account.

How To Get Registration Bonus in Teen Patti Knox App

Friends if you register a Rummy Knox account in this application. So on registering you get many facilities from the application side. After creating an account, you can earn money by playing games in this application. Apart from this, whatever bonuses you get in this application, you can also get those bonuses.

  1. First of all, you have to open the app and come to the home page.
  2. After that you will get a small Play As Guest button, click on it,
  3. In this case, it automatically sends you to the home page.
  4. After clicking on it it will send you to the home page.
  5. In this case, it automatically sends you to the home page.
  6. After that you have to click on Profile and click on Bind.
  7. Now you have to set your mobile number and password
  8. And after filling the OTP, press on the register button.
  9. You are now fully registered inside this app
  10. And you would have got a bonus of ₹ 51.

How Can i Earn Money in Rummy Knox, Teen Patti Knox Apk

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In this, you get to play amazing games, because there are many games available in this app, with the help of which you can earn very well, but if you bet on its games, then how much risk will there be for you. Because this application is made in such a way, in which if you bet then it becomes very difficult for you, and to know its programs, you have to read this article completely in a special way.

Friends, you can earn in this in two ways, out of which the program we have placed at number one is Refer & Earn, and on the second is Game Play, because a lot of money can be earned by playing games in it,

Refer & Earn: – The program given inside it is more fun, in which you can earn very well, friends get a lifetime commission of 30% under this program, and earning is done even after sharing something with it.

Games Play: – Under this there are a total 20 games, with the help of which you can generate a lot of money, under this program a game has also been given a lot of fun, which is named Ludo Game, this is the best for me. The thing is, Ludo Earning Game is also given in it.

Progress Bonus:- They have also added a Progress bonus in it but this feature is only available for VIP players.

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Weekly Bonus”- Weekly Bonus is also a great reward system but again this is only for VIP1 Players in Teen Patti Knox App.

Games Available in Teen Patti Knox App

In the Rummy Knox application you get 19 types of different games for your entertainment. From which you can enjoy the Rummy game and Teen Patti game. Apart from this, some straw games have been given in this application. We are giving below information about the games available in this application.

  • Ludo
  • Rummy
  • 10 Cards
  • Teen Patti
  • Variation
  • Dragon Vs Tiger
  • Ander Bahar
  • 7 Up Down
  • Car roulette
  • Roulette
  • Best of Five
  • Zoo Roulette
  • Black Jack
  • Teen Patti 20-20
  • Poker
  • Baccarat
  • Fruit Line
  • 3 Cards Poker
  • Fishing Rush

Dragon vs Tiger Trick to Play in Teen Patti Knox

1. Open the TeenPatti Knox App.

2. Tap on VIP option.

3. Then click on Buy button.

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4. Choose 501rs and tap on Add Chips.

5. Add Rs.501 using any option available in the screen.

6. After adding the money in your wallet go back to the main screen of teen patti joy app.

7. Choose Dragon Vs Tiger game.

8. Bet on Either “Dragon” or “Tiger” with Rs. 10.

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9. Suppose you bet on “Tiger”

10. If you won, You will get 10 x 1.95 = 19.5 rupees. But if “Dragon” wins, Again bet on the Tiger by rupees 10 + 20 = Rs. 30.

11. If this time you win, you will get ₹30 x 1.95 = ₹58.5

12. But If you again doesn’t win and continue losing, bet like below strategy, which is the famous strategy for winning for sure!

What is VIP Player?

Friends, within this VIP program, Daily Bonus Program, Weekly Bonus Program, Monthly Bonus Program and Level Bonus Program are also available, with the help of which you can earn unlimited and if you do not have any knowledge about all these programs. You can know about these four given below.

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Sign in Bonus:- In this, the Daily Bonus program has been named after the Sign in Bonus program, in which you can earn some money every day, which can be very good for this app.

Weekly Bonus:- If you want to get this bonus, then for that you have to claim Daily Bonus continuously for a week, and you have to go to VIP 2 or VIP 3, then only you can enjoy this Weekly Bonus Program Huh.

Monthly Bonus:- This program also works almost like Weekly Bonus, in which if you get the Weekly Bonus program continuously for one month, then you can also get this Monthly Bonus now.

Level Bonus:- You must have understood this label bonus program, in which if you upgrade your VIP level, then you can claim it very easily too.

If you also want to take advantage of VIP bonus through this in Knox Rummy application. So you have to first recharge the minimum ₹ 500 in this application. By the way, in this application you have been given many different plans for VIP bonus. But the minimum plan of this application is ₹ 500.

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You can avail all the benefits of VIP Bonus by recharging ₹500 in your account. Under VIP Bonus you get Sign In Bonus Weekly Bonus Monthly Bonus and Level Bonus. You can take advantage of all these bonuses.

Refer and Earn Program

If you want to earn money through referral program then you have been given two options in this application. In these two options, you can earn good money through Share and Refer and Earn. Many people earn easily from ₹15000 to ₹20000 per month only through referral program. The money you earn through referral program, you can transfer that money to your bank account instantly.

Refer & Earn program has been given in Teen Patti Knox is very great and helpful which you will surely use by heart, with the help of which you will be able to earn so much, that you cannot even guess it, because this program is so much fun inside this application. That we have been increasing it since the same time, this Knox Teen Patti application has been given a very exciting Refer program along with the Share program, both of these programs have been well decorated with our following, and you can read it quite easily. can also.

Refer & Earn:- Friends, under this program you can get a lifetime commission of 30%, in which if your friends add ₹ 1000 and play the game, then you get 30% of it i.e. you get a bonus of ₹ 300, from this This program also comes out very funny and bang, but but but what we told in this is given only inside this application, but we do not think that the company can give this much commission to anyone, I think it is about 10 Only % commission is available, 30% commission is given for name only.

Share:– What we had mentioned earlier was the Refer and Earn Program, but what we are telling now is that only sharing gives a bonus, in this only one friend gets a bonus of ₹ 80 on invite, and 2 friends Invite = ₹ 90 , 3 Friends Invite = ₹ 100, 4 Friends Invite = ₹ 100 and 5 Friends Invite = ₹ 100, its which does not stop at the number five of the program, it goes quite unlimited.

Step To Refer Your Friends and Family

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In the same second option, you can also earn good money through Refer and Earn. When you join any person. If that person plays the game by adding payment to his account. And you will get 30% commission of the tax which will be charged for investing money in that game. If you work hard and join from 50 people to 100 people. So you can easily earn from 15 to ₹ 20000 of every month.

  1. First of all click on Refer & Earn option.
  2. Now share your referral link on Telegram, WhatsApp, Youtube, or Facebook.
  3. If you register by downloading a game from your link, then you will get 10 rupees.
  4. Now if he adds money after registering, then you will get 30 percent commission.
  5. To withdraw the money earned from Refer & Earn, click on Claim.

How To Add Cash into TeenPatti Knox App

If you want to create an account inside this application, then you can easily add money in Knox Teen Patti App, which we have written below.

  1. First of all download the app and install it on your mobile phone.
  2. To add money, open it and click on the button with PAY
  3. Then select your amount and click on Add Chips.
  4. Then you have to complete your KYC by filling Name, Number & Email.
  5. Select any option to make payment and make payment,
  6. After the payment is successful, your money will be added to your Game ID.

How To Withdraw Money From Rummy Knox App

If you want to withdraw your money in Teen Patti 555, then it is also very easy to withdraw money in it, like all other programs easily, in the same way, this program is also very easy, in which you can apply withdrawal through your bank / UPI. In which you can put a redeem of at least ₹ 50 and this application is fully verified, there is no chance of your payment being stuck, if your withdrawal does not reach your bank, then a customer care number is also given in it. With the help of which you will be able to transfer this pending amount to your bank.

  • First complete minimum ₹ 50 within Game ID
  • After that click on the Withdraw button given
  • Then select UPI and click on +UPI Details and fill the UPI details.
  • Then fill your withdrawal amount in the Amount Box and click on Withdraw button
  • Due to which your withdrawal will be successful and will be received in your bank account.

Is Knox Teen Patti App Safe?

There are still many people who have a question in their mind whether Knox Teen Patti App is a safe application. So for your information, I want to tell that through this application, many people who have earned money by playing frozen games so far have withdrawn their bank accounts immediately. And till now, successful payment has been taken by almost thousands of people. And it has been verified by thousands of people. You can download this application tension free and win thousands of rupees real by playing rummy game.

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