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Teen Patti Day :- For you we have brought another quite 100% Verified and Fast Payment Rummy Application . In which friends, you are going to see many different programs, in this if you create an account, then you also get a bonus of ₹ 5, which if you complete ₹ 100, then through your bank and UPI very easily. Can also take out. It is very good in this, you also get to see that you never cancel the payment inside it, you get the very first payment.

Teen Patti Day

About Teen Patti Day !

App NameTeen Patti Rummy Day
Royally Rummy Referral Code2872924
Royally Rummy Apk DownloadClick Here
Sign Up Bonus₹51
Refer & Earn30% Commission + Upto ₹100/Refer
Minimum Withdrawal₹100
Apk Size46 Mb

If you guys want to know about DayRummy, then it is a very fun Rummy application with 19 games, in which you people get to play Rummy and Teen Patti games, and the best thing in this is that you People can also see all the games according to different categories, such as you guys with multiplayer and skill games, you can also play sports games in it, in which you have already got IPL game after new update. So now you can also play IPL inside this application, which is also the favorite game of many people.

How to Create Account in Teen Patti Day

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If you guys have installed it on your smartphone by clicking on the download button above, then now you people will have to create an account inside it, only then you will be able to take advantage of all the programs of this application, then you guys follow the following steps By following you can create your account inside this app in a very easy way –

Step 1: – First of all install this APK inside your smartphone and open it.

Step 2: – After which you will get to see many games in front of people, then to create an account, you have to click on the button of the profile which you will find on the top left side.

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Step 3: – As soon as you click on the profile, a button will appear in front of you, by clicking on which you fill in your mobile number and enter the password, after that by clicking on the OTP, you also fill the OTO and then confirm.

Step 4: – After doing all this, you guys have created your account inside this app in which you will get a bonus of ₹ 10, maybe you will get a bonus of ₹ 5 only because the company keeps updating it sometimes.

How to Download Teen Patti Day?

Do you guys want to download DayRummy , if you guys want to download this app then you are going to make a lot of profit in it, because first thing inside this application you get to see a lot of games and If you do not know how to play the game, then many different programs have also been given inside it for you, with the help of which you can earn money by referring your friends, so for now you guys want to download this app. So you can download this application by clicking on the download button given below-

Supported Games in Teen Patti Day

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If you guys have now created your account inside this application, then it is also very important for you to know which games you get inside this application, although it supports many games in which you guys If you can play the game, and earn money from it, then we have given a list of all those games in the following table, through which you can know-

10 CardsTeen Patti
VariaionDragon vs Tiger
Andar Bahar7 Up Down
Car RouletteBest of Five
RouletteZoo Roulette
Black JackTeen Patti 20-20

As friends, you can see that in this given table, you get the support of total 19 types of games And you guys can play all these games very easily without any problem and for playing the game, you are currently given a bonus of ₹ 10 and to play more you can add cash inside it.

Share Bonus Program in Day Rummy

If you do not know how to play the game, then there is nothing to worry about, because there is such a program called Share Bonus Program, with the help of this, you can share the link with any of your friends and create an account by them. People get a free bonus of up to ₹ 100, this bonus also works in a very interesting way, so you guys can see the following information about the bonus-

  • Share 1st Person & Get ₹80
  • Share 2nd Person & Get ₹90
  • Share 3rd Person & Get ₹100
  • And Any Other After 3rd Person You Earn ₹100 Every Person.

Notes: – There is also an important notice for you in which you guys can get this bonus given above only when your players recharge ₹ 1000 or above.

Invite & Earn Commission in Teen Patti Day

The Refer & Earn program is also an advance version of the Share program . In this, you get the commission of Total Earning or Total Recharge made by your player. Through this program you guys can get commission up to 30% of the total recharge done by your player, that too without any problem and that too unlimited which has no siwan you guys invite as much player as you can. Only you will be able to get more commission.

Weekly Bonus Program in DayRummy

If you guys get a lot of commission then there is another very golden opportunity for you to get Weekly Bonus, in which you guys can get a good amount every monday, this program accounts every monday the total week To the income, if your referral income is more than ₹ 1000 then you guys can get different weekly bonus on each different amount under this weekly bonus program.

Progress Bonus Program in Teen Patti Day

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Under this program, whatever increase you would have earned in this week from last week, we call that extra income as Progress Bonus. And you guys can get this bonus, in this Malaviya ji, you have earned ₹ 500 in the last week, out of which in this week you have done another ₹ 1000, then out of this you people got ₹ 500 progress bonus Out of which you may get 500 out of 500 or you may get 50% out of this.

How to Claim Refer Rewards in Teen Patti Day?

Friends, you guys have now invited a lot of players, and if you want to get the commission received from them, how will you do it, to get the commission, a button has been given on your home page itself, whose name is Refer & Earn . If you click on it, you will show your total commission in front of the people , next to which there will be a claim button, you can claim your commission by clicking on it.

Who’s Bonus in the VIP Program?

Inside this Teen Patti DayAPK , you have been given a very nice VIP program in which you can get four different types of bonuses , and all four bonuses are very fun, some of which are bonuses that you guys can get for free. And if you want to get information about these four bonuses, then read the paragraph given below and know about all the four bonuses-

  • Daily Bonus :- This is such a bonus that you people get a chance to get free of cost in which you can get this bonus on daily basis, to get this you have to become any kind of VIP label member. Needless to.
  • Weekly Bonus :- To get this bonus you have to go to VIP-2 then only you guys can get this bonus because this bonus is for VIP level-2 member in which you can get this bonus every single week. Can get it.
  • Monthly Bonus: – Monthly program has been given in this, in which you can get a minister bonus once in 1 month, for which you need to be at least in VIP Level-2.
  • Level Bonus :- You get this bonus only when you upgrade any level ie if you guys are in level-2 and going to level-3 then in that situation you will get more bonus.

Add Cash Program in Teen Patti Day

If you people are very fond of playing games, then the bonus found inside this application may be very less for you, then the solution is Add Cash, that is, you can earn money by adding your own money inside this application. And to earn money, you can play the games present inside it, for which some amount has to be kept, so if you want to know about which program to add inside this application, then know that inside Cricket Rummy. You guys can add minimum ₹ 10 now, and maximum you can also add ₹ 100000 in one go, you guys follow the following steps to add cash –

Step 1: – First of all, click on the Add Cash button given on the home page and select the amount you want to add.

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Step 2 :- After that after selecting your amount, click on the add how button given below.

Step 3 :- In which for the first time you will have to complete KYC by giving your contact details.

Step 4: – As soon as you complete the KYC, you will go to the payment page, in which you will get many options to add money.

Step 5: – Make payment through any given payment method, you can also use UPI which is very easy.

Step 6 :- As soon as your payment is successful, your amount will be added inside your game account, if there is any problem related to it, then you can also take customer support related to it.

Add Cash Additional Bonus

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Inside Cricket Rummy, if you people add any money above ₹ 1000, then you are given some extra bonus on it, which you can get according to the following list-

  • Add ₹1000 & Get 2% Extra Bonus
  • Add ₹3000 & Get 2.5% Extra Bonus
  • Add ₹5000 & Get 3% Extra Bonus
  • Add ₹8000 & Get 3.5% Extra Bonus
  • Add ₹10000 & Get 4% Extra Bonus
  • Add ₹30000 & Get 4.5% Extra Bonus
  • Add ₹50000 & Get 5% Extra Bonus
  • Add ₹100000 & Get 5.5% Extra Bonus

Note: – This game involves financial risk, so before you do any add cash, keep in mind that you may also lose money in it.

Chips Out Program in Teen Patti Day

If you guys have earned a lot of money inside Rummy Cricket or you have earned a lot of commission, then you guys can save all those money in one program which is the withdrawal program, and with the help of this Withdraw program, you people can withdraw money. And it is also a good thing that you will be able to withdraw even a minimum of ₹ 100 inside this application and the medium of withdrawal is also very easy UPI and bank has been given. You people can follow the steps of the fair, with the help of which you can also make withdrawals inside this application –

  • Step 1 :- First of all click on “Withdraw” button given on the page.
  • Step 2 :- After that fill your bank information to take withdrawal, for which click on +Bank Account and fill your bank details.
  • Step 3 :- After that fill your withdrawal amount in the amount box in which you can also put a minimum ₹ 100.
  • Step 4: – Then click on the Withdraw button given by which your withdrawal will be successfully submitted.
  • Step 5: – And to see the record of whether you have received your withdrawal or not, by clicking on the Record button given in the Left Site, you can see all its history by clicking on the Bureau button.

DayRummy Customer Care Number

Friends, if you guys use Teen Patti Apk and you people face any kind of problem inside it, then you do not have to worry about any kind because to get its solution, you can use this application. You can use the given WhatsApp number, which is a very good thing, you get to see the program of Live WhatsApp Support inside it,

Is Teen Patti Day Safe ?

Day Rummy may not be available to you on the Play Store, but despite this, this application is so verified that it has not canceled any of my withdrawals till date, so this shows that the application is completely safe and you People can use it. And this application is not going to run so fast because this application has been running for a long time and will continue to run.


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Q.1. How much bonus do you get in Teen Patti Day?

Ans. In this application, the company gives ₹ 5 and sometimes ₹ 10, you can get any amount.

Q.2. How much withdrawal can we take at least in Teen Patti Day?

Ans. There is a very good minimum withdrawal program of ₹ 100 available for you guys.

Q.3. How many bonus programs are available in VIP Bonus in Teen Patti Day?

Join Telegram Get Daily Rummy and Teen Patti App Updates

Ans. There are four types of bonus programs available in this. 1. Sign in Bonus, 2. Weekly Bonus, 3. Monthly Bonus, 4. Level Bonus,

Q.4. What is the maximum Add Cash amount in Teen Patti Day?

Ans. Maximum you can do add case up to ₹100000.

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