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Teen Patti 555 Apk, Download 555 Teen Patti App, New 3 Patti 555 Apk

Teen Patti 555 Apk
Teen Patti 555 Apk

Teen Patti 555 Apk: Hello Allnewrummyapps readers here i am back with one more rummy earning app and this apk was known as Teen Patti 555 Apk unfortunately this apk is now discontinued and you cannot download this apk to earn money but you can have the best Teen Patti Apk to earn money from Allapprummy.Com.

In the Indian online gaming and betting industry, Teenpatti 555 has sprung like a comet and made everyone sit up and take notice. It doesn’t ask you to invest; instead, it promises to generate a sizable income for you without requiring you to leave your house. All that is required is your passion for the game. Happy Teen Patti Apk Download ₹10 Bonus Happy 3 Patti App

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If you want to win Real Cash every month by playing Rummy Game and Teen Patti Game. So you Download from one application to your smartphone right now. Now we give you the complete information about TeenPatti 555 APK, Download 3 Patti 555 APK, Download 555 Rummy App in detail through this article.

About Teen Patti 555 Apk, Download 555 Teen Patti App

App NameTeen Patti 555 Apk
Signup BonusRs.41
Referral Link/CodeLink
Referral Bonus30%
Minimum PayoutRs.100
Payout OptionsUPI, Bank Transfer
Teen Patti 555 App

The casino game app Teen Patti 555 is available online. Through this programme, you can choose one location to play any of the Teen Patti or rummy games. Additionally, businesses provide you the chance to make money while playing the game. By playing the Taash Game at home, you could win money along with fun along the road. In a similar way, playing the Teen Patti game on your smartphone can earn you cash online.

You can easily earn a small sum of money while taking your time thanks to their referral incentive programmes and generous commissions. However, if you are an expert, play it well, and are persistent, you can support yourself only by using this software to earn money.

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It seems like a great understatement to describe it as satisfying. For your information, there are users of this software who can easily earn daily incomes of more than 10,000 rupees.

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How To Download 555 Teen Patti Apk

The TeenPatti 555 APK may be downloaded with no difficulty. You may easily download this programme to make your smart device. We have provided a Download Button Link for Teen Patti 555 APK down below. This application can be downloaded to your smartphone by simply clicking the Download Button Link below.

Simple Step To Download Apk

  • Click on the “Download” Yellow button to Install a TeenPatti 555 Apk download directly onto your smartphone the APK file onto your Android mobile.
  • After downloading you need to install the app on your mobile.
  • Then You need to “Security” Along with checking the “Unknown Sources” option. as you see in Image
  • Now you need to drag down the Notification panel from the top of the Android Mobile phone screen
  • If you do not want to drag it you need to browse your download folder from my files folder App.
  • Now you will see the 3 Patti 555 App file then click on the apk file to install.
  • Now your app is installed after the click on the app you can enjoy the game.

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Create Teen Patti 555 Apk Account & Get Registration Bonus

Teen Patti 555 Create Account
Teen Patti 555 Create Account
  • Download the app from their official website, then install it.
  • Open the app, and go straight to the homepage. 
  • Tap on the ‘Profile’ icon at the left corner.
  • Enter the contact number, then provide the OTP you received on that number. 
  • Also, set a strong password. Then click on ‘Confirm’. 
  • Your registration is complete. You’ll soon receive your sign-up bonus. Start playing with that. And when you’ll feel comfortable and confident, you can deposit your own money to earn more.
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Games Available In Teen Patti 555 Apk

Games In 555 Teen Patti App
Games In 555 Teen Patti App

555 Teen Patti application provides 19 different types of games for you to enjoy rummy games and Teen Patti. You can play any game and win more money by putting money into it. Now we’ll tell you about all of the games available in this app.

  1. Teen Patti
  2. Rummy
  3. 10 Cards
  4. Ludo
  5. 7 Up 7 Down
  6. Andar Bahar
  7. Variation
  8. Dragon Vs Tiger
  9. Best of five
  10. Car Roulette
  11. Roulette Roulette
  12. Zoo Roulette
  13. Black Jack
  14. Poker
  15. Teen Patti 20-20
  16. 3 Card Poker
  17. Fruit Line
  18. Baccart
  19. Fishing Rush

Referral Program In Teen Patti 555 Apk

Teenpatti 555 has one of the most effective referral programmes in the industry. There are no restrictions, no limits, and no obligations to spoil your fun. You will only experience the thrills and suspense of the games. Your adrenaline will not be the only thing that rises and falls; your earnings will as well.

The referral system is also quite simple. Share your referral link with all of your friends, relatives, and acquaintances, as well as anyone else who is interested in online gaming and betting.

When they all sign up for the app using your link, you’ll start receiving referral commissions for each one individually. Furthermore, there is no cap on the amount of referral bonus you can earn. So nothing is unthinkable. Continue to persevere, and you may earn a real handy amount just through referrals.

You’ll receive 80 rupees in bonus cash for your first successful referral. For the second, you’ll get 100 rupees, and for the third, you’ll get 150 rupees. Not only that, but after the third referral, you’ll continue to receive 100 rupees.

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However, keep in mind that you will only receive this bonus if your invitee deposits 1000 rupees or more into their account.

As a result, whenever a friend signs up through your referral link, 100 rupees will be automatically added to the referral bonus. Also, don’t feel sorry for your pal. He will not leave with empty hands. He’ll receive 41 rupees for signing up.

But that was only the tip of the iceberg. There’s a lot more in store for you. When a friend joins the app using your referral link, you will be eligible for a ‘Commission’ on their deposits. You will receive 30% of their tax amount as commission every time, for the rest of your life. Commissions have no time limit.

This commission is also unlimited. The greater their tax amount, the greater your payout. Isn’t it fantastic?

How To Invite People & Earn

  • Open the app. From your homescreen, tap the ‘Refer & Earn’ button.
  • You’ll see three buttons at the bottom named Facebook, Whatsapp, and Copy Link. The first two are direct links to those respective apps for quick sharing. 
  • Tap on ‘Copy Link’ to use your referral link as you wish.
  • Share it with as many people as you can because the more your link gets used, the thicker your pockets will become at the end of the month.

How to Claim Referral Rewards

Teenpatti 555 has so many tricks up its sleeve that you may get bamboozled sometimes. Their unique referral system offers much more than many other similar platforms. And it’s not like you’ll have to put in some back-breaking shifts to earn these rewards, all of them are readily available to those who have a passion for the games, who play regularly and who look to maximize their earnings. 

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You’ll also appreciate the reliable payment methods put in place like UPI and all the well-established bank’s transfer systems (like IMPS).

Now, if you want to get your hands on these referral bonuses and commissions, you’ll first need to claim them, and transfer them to your bank account.

Here are some simple steps to do just that:

Here’s how you do it:

  • Open the app and go to your homepage. There you’ll see the option ‘Refer and earn’. Tap on it. You’ll see some sections on the left side.
  • “Rule” has all the calculations about how your referral bonus will be calculated.
  • “Referrals” shows all those friends and individuals who have used your referral link at the time of registration.
  • “Rank” will show your rank against all the other players, according to the total amount of referral bonuses you’ve accumulated.
  • There’s also “My Bonus” and “Bonus Record” for more in-depth information about your referral bonuses.
  • Now, the serious business. Look at the top of this pop-up window, and you’ll see three options named “Referrals”, “Yesterday Bonus” and “Current Bonus”. 
  • But the most important button is at the far right. Glowing in green, it’s the “Claim” option.
  • Tap on it, fill in your bank details, and any amount you wish will be transferred to your bank account safely for you to enjoy and celebrate.

This is how you can make a deposit to your account:

 Follow these steps to make a deposit and avail all these benefits:

  1. Open the Teenpatti 555 app, go to the homepage of your account, and tap on “Shop” at the bottom right corner.
  2. Select your amount and then tap on the “Add Chip” button.
  3. Enter your KYC details. 
  4. Select your preferred payment method. And enter the details.
  5. The transaction will be processed in minutes. Enjoy your winnings after that.

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How to play on Teen Patti 555

You only need a little bit of money, your love of gaming and betting, and your desire to make a living doing what you do in order to play and enjoy games in Teenpatti 555. Not only is the gameplay easy, but the prizes are also spectacular. So, start playing and winning by just adhering to these simple instructions:

  • Open the app, then login to your account.
  • Take a good look at your referral earning and your in-game winnings. This will give you much needed motivation for doing one step better. 
  • If you’re planning for extended sessions or better income, deposit some cash. And if you just want to celebrate with your earnings, withdraw some or all of it.
  • Go to your homepage. You’ll see every game right there in the middle.
  • If you want your daily dose of Teen Patti, then you’re in the best possible place. Play hard, play fair. 
  • If you want something new, you have lots of other games with differing hardship levels and belonging to various genres. There’s just no chance to feel bored.
  • If you like Ludo and its homely feel, it’s there. If you’re a lover of card games, there are several ones like Poker, Blackjack, Rummy etc.

How To Withdrawal Money IN Teen Patti 555

Teen Patti 555 Apk
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You do not need to take any tension related to Payment in this application. The company has been offering its users from Payment time since the beginning. As soon as there are ₹300 in your account, you can immediately Transfer that payment to your Bank Account.

  • To make Payment Withdrawal you will see a Withdrawal Icon on the Home page.
  • Now you click on the Withdrawal Icon and after that you will have a New Page open in front of you.
  • Now fill in the Amount you want to withdraw.
  • Now you have to give your Bank Details here. You save your Bank Name Bank Account Number IFSC code in the bank account detail.
  • You can now transfer the payment to your bank account by clicking on the Withdrawal Button at the bottom.

Bonuses on Teen Patti 555 app

The Teenpatti 555 app offers a variety of excellent incentive schemes that can considerably boost your earning potential. These bonuses greatly increase the excitement of the games and provide the impression that the stakes are continually greater.

The total amount you can receive after adding up all these bonuses is mind-boggling, to put it mildly. But there is a caveat to this whole thing. However, the majority of these additional programmes are only accessible once you become a VIP member.

Here are some of the app’s most well-liked and lucrative bonuses:

Weekly Bonus

Weekly Bonus is hands down the most effective bonus system in this app that helps generate immense income opportunities. 

Join Telegram Get Daily Rummy and Teen Patti App Updates

You’ll need two separate things to go hand-in-hand to start getting this weekly bonus.

The first thing you’ll need is successful referrals. The more people sign in the app through your referral link, the more you make with that huge 30% commission. And the more you collect through these referrals, the greater your weekly bonus gets.

But you’ll need another thing by your side as well. You’ll need to become a VIP member to unlock this bonus scheme. 

Once both of these conditions are met, you’ll be eligible for a weekly bonus.

This following chart shows how much you’ll get as a weekly bonus according to your total commissions. depicting how much weekly bonus you will get for your particular earning through all the commissions combined: 

  1. 1000 To 3000 = 500
  2. 3001 To 5000 = 1000
  3. 5001 To 8000 = 3000
  4. 8001 To 10000 = 6000
  5. 10001 To 15000 = 10000
  6. 15001 To 20000 = 15000
  7. 20001 To 30000 = 20000
  8. 30001 To 50000 = 30000
  9. 50001 To 80000 = 60000
  10. 80001 To 100000 = 100000
  11. 100001 To 999999999 = 200000

Monthly Bonus

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This bonus reward is bestowed upon you on a monthly basis. The best part is you need not do anything specific or any task to get it. Just play normally as you do through the month. And when the month ends, this bonus will be added to your account automatically. You can claim it anytime after that. 

But, like everything else in this world, there’s a “but” in this. To get this bonus, you’d have to achieve or surpass VIP 2 level. Naturally, right at the start, you won’t receive it.

But be patient, be regular. And in no time, you’ll unlock the second level. It’s not that hard, trust me. It’s really up to you, how much you want it. 

VIP Bonus in Rummy 555

You can win as many free bonuses and Real Cash as you can with VIP Bonus features while taking less time. You must recharge your account with a minimum of 500 in order to receive the free bonus. Your VIP Bonus becomes active when you recharge your account with 500. You receive a daily bonus, a sign-up bonus, a weekly bonus, a monthly bonus, and a level bonus if the VIP Bonus is activated.

Follow Steps to Become A VIP

  1. Open the Teen Patti 555 App.
  2. Tap on VIP button.
  3. Now click on buy button.
  4. Choose Rs.501 or more.
  5. Tap on Add Chips button.
  6. Now complete the payment.
  7. Once your payment is done you will be a VIP1.

Bonus system

Join Telegram Get Daily Rummy and Teen Patti App Updates

This app has implemented some of the most rewarding bonus systems nonchalantly. They really stand out among some pretty disappointing platforms in this industry. You get 41 rupees straight away just for signing in the app. And this bonus is fully usable, meaning you can leverage it to have a start in the games without any investment of your own.

Variety of games

Just like Rummy Dhan and Rummy Jai, there are nineteen games in this app, and each of them deals in real cash prizes. The variety is something to behold and wonder about. Every game is of top quality, and designed to provide the best possible experience. You have games that require no certain skill and a lot of luck, and you have games that have a better balance of those two aspects.

Fast Withdrawals

The whole withdrawal process is optimized to bits so that it’s completely secure and does everything in a flash. They promise to complete every withdrawal request in under 5 minutes. You’ll not see that kind of commitment every day.

Teen Patti 555 Apps FAQ’s

Q.1How Much is Sign-Up Bonus in TeenPatti 555 Apps
AnsYou Can Get Sign Up Bonus Rs.41
Q.2What is the Minimum Withdraw of TeenPatti 555
AnsMinimum Withdraw is Rs.100
Q.3What is the Maximum Deposit of 3 Patti 555
AnsHighest Deposit Is Rs.10000
Q.4How much bonus do you get on each Invite in Rummy 555 Apps ?
AnsPer Invites –Rs.80 To Rs.100
Q.5How much recharge commission do you get in tin patti 555 Apps ?
AnsRecharge Commission 2.5% To 5.5%

Note- this game involves financial risk. So all you guys are requested to play this game on your own responsibility and your own risk. Because you may get addicted to this game. If you are 18+ age then you play this game otherwise you stay away from this game.


Friends we hope you liked the information we have for you to see. Friends, after reading this article, you must have got all the information about Teen Patti 555 APK, Download Teen Patti 555 APK, Download Teen Patti 555 App.If you want to earn money by playing Teen Patti games, download this Teen Patti game application now on your smartphone without delay. And you start as much as real cash like other people.

If you want to get the latest information about the Teen Patti games and rummy games that will be launched in the internet market, then you must bookmark this website. Because we keep updating all the information related to the game for you time to time through this website.

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