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Rummy Tour 51 Bonus, Tour Teen Patti Apk Download, New Rummy Tour Version Available

Rummy Tour
Rummy Tour

Hello Friends, Tiday we are here to talk about a very great and new rummy app which is known as Rummy Tour and because this apk is totally legit and can assure you that you will not face Account Frozen Or Wagers problem like you face in Fraud Rummy Ola Apk. The one another great Rummy Modern Apk you can use and play the games to play and win real cash in your mobile only.

You can download the Tour Rummy Teen Patti games Apk here and complete the Signup process and receive your Registration reward instantly. There is no need to complete your KYC to withdraw as only need to verify mobile number with an OTP and nothing else. Bonus 51 Rummy Yes Apk Download New Rummy Yes App

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So What are you waiting for here you have your chance to receive what you want and no body will stop you because you are not going to let anyone know about this amazing treat app and start making money alone and can also withdraw the real cash from this rummy game app when you reach a amount of Rs.100 only.

App NameRummy Tour
Signup BonusRs.41
Referral Link/CodeLink
Referral Bonus30%
Minimum PayoutRs.100
Payout OptionsUPI, Bank Transfer

About RummyTour Apk, Total Rummy Tour Review In English Here

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Rummy Tour So here the about section of Rummy Tour Actually this apk is not new and you will get Rs,10 only as the bonus because this is a legit app. As there is no problem about The account freeze or any king of wagers issue you are not going to face any of these in this real games rummy app. Although you have the options of gaming are same and the referral program is almost identical to the Teen Patti joy Apk as well.

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There are 19+ Online Gambling card games are available in this earning app and also you will receive the 30% referral income which is lifetime commission from all your referrals who are going to play the games in this app.

How To Download Rummy Tour Apk, Teen Patti Tour App, Rummytour Games,

I need to tell you that this is very complicated that which rummy or teen patti apk to download for making real cash online. Teen Patti Games apk. There are dreams that every one follow and your dreams can come true when you start using and winning money in Rummy Tour Games Apk.

Click here to download the Rummy Tour Apk >> Tap on Download Button >> Install the app >> complete your registration >> Start using the Tour rummy game app.

How To Get Registration Bonus 51 In The Rummy Tour App

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If the player wants to get the signup reward in this rummy game app then he/she will have ti complete the registration and then only can use the bonus and withdraw their income.

1. Download the Rummy Tour Apk.

2. Install and open the rummytour app.

3. Tap on the guest loging button on home page.

4. Click on the user icon you will at left top corner.

5. Tap on the bound button which is in green color.

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6. Enter your all the details in the form and complete the registration.

7. Verify the mobile number with an OTP.

8. Click on the submit button and receive the Signup bonus.

9. You can use the bonus to reach out the minimum withdraw amount and redeem it.

How To Invite People and Earn Money Online

1. Open the Teen Patti Tour Apk.

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2. Tap on the Refer/Agent button.

3. Tap on the share link button.

4. Your referral or we can say the invite link is copied.

5. Paste the referral link anywhere and share.

6. You can share the referral link on social media and start inviting people.

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7. There is also no limit to invite people and earn money.

Refer & Earn How Much I Can Earn Money By RummyTour App?

There is no limit on Rummy Tour App as you can can invite unlimited people and that makes it easy to understand that there is also no limit on making money by inviting people or refer and earn money has no upper limit.

Rummy Tour Apk is going to give you 30% commission from your referrals Tax amount. When ever any of your referral will play games in the rummytour apk you will receive the commission as winning and can directly withdraw the referral income as well.

What Is Share Commission In Rummy Tour App?

The Share commission is also one kind of referral income where the rules are bit different and you will get Rs.100 for every valid referral.

The Valid referral at Teen Patti Tour APk is when your referral will Add Chips of Rs.1000 or more into the game app for the first time or it can also be the combinations of more than 3-4 times cash added is counted as the valid referral.

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So every valid referral will give you Rs.100 and there is not limit on that as well.

How Weekly Bonus Works In Teen Patti Tour Apk?

The Weekly bonus is only available for the VIP players and there will be a Extra Cash income for you if you are a VIP player of this Rummy Tour App. The money you receive as the weekly bonus is directly withdrawable in the bank account instantly.

This RummyTour Apk will give you the weekly bonus on every Monday and you can simple claim it and withdraw in the UPI or IMPS.

The minimum Weekly bonus you can get is Rs.500 and the maximum weekly bonus you can receive is Rs.200000.

Is There Progress Bonus Available in RummyTour App?

Yes, you will also receive the Progress bonus in the rummy games tour app. As you know that all the extra bonuses are only available for the VIP players that means the Progress bonus is also going to be valid claimable for VIP players only.

How Progress Bonus Works In Teen Patti Tour?

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When you invite people and make money as referral income from the Refer & earn section in the rummutour app. Then you know that all the days are not going to be same sometimes the earnings are going to be less and sometimes it will be higher so when your weekly referral income or a week will be more than the previous week you will receive the progress bonus.

How To Add Cash in TeenPatti Tour App?

1. Open the Rummy Game Apk in your mobile phone.

2. Tap on the Add Chips button.

3. Select the chips you want to add in Tour Rummy App.

4. Now choose the browser to complete payment.

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5. Finally select the payment app and complete the transaction.

6. Your Add Cash amount will be credited in the wallet instantly.

What is RummyTour VIP ?

The VIP of Rummy tour Apk is very simplest way to earn real cash and extra cashback on many offers and also receive some more winning amounts every week and every month as bonus from the rummy tour app. As when you become an VIP player in the teen patti game apk the rummy tour app will provide you many kinds of earing options and also will give you more than 5 money making options in the app itself.

How To become an VIP In the TeenPatti Tour App?

Yes, if you really wants to be VIP players of the Rummy Tour Apk games app then you should follow only one trick that is you have to add a chips of Rs.500 or more to be the first VIP. There are total 10 VIP levels are available in the app and you can avail all the benefits of an VIP but before that you need to be a VIP and for that you have to add cash of Rs.500 minimum.

How Many Games Are There for the Players of Rummy Tour App?

There are more than 15+ card games available in the rummy game app including the favorite Dragon vs Tiger games and many other as well.

  1. Dragon vs Tiger
  2. Deep Sea Fishing
  3. Benz BMW
  4. Teen Patti
  5. Rummy
  6. AK47
  7. 10 Car Rummy
  8. 7 Up 7 Down
  9. Andar Bahar
  10. Lucky Dice
  11. Fortune Wheel
  12. Win Go
  13. Poke King
  14. Ludo
  15. Zoo Roulette
  16. Slots

How To Withdraw Money From Rummy Tour Apk

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Step 1. सबसे पहले निचे दिए Withdraw बटन पर क्लिक कीजिये.

Step 2. फिर Bank या UPI Select कीजिये.

Step 3. कितना पैसा निकालना है, उसे Type कीजिये.

Step 4. अंत में Withdraw बटन पर क्लिक कीजिये.

Step 5. आपका पैसा आपके अकाउंट में 2 से 3 घंटे में चला जायेगा.

FAQ For Rummy Tour Mod APK !

Q.1. How Much is Sign-Up Bonus in Tour Rummy App?

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Ans – Sign Up Bonus Rs.10 is available in Tour Rummy App.

Q.2. What is the Minimum Cash-Out in Tour Rummy App?

Ans – Minimum Withdraw Rs.100 is available in Tour Rummy App.

Q.3. How much bonus do you get on each 20 Invite in Rummy Tour App?

Ans- You get Rs.2000 as soon as you invite 20 friends in the Rummy Tour App.

Q.4. How much recharge commission do you get in Rummy Tour App?

Ans- You get 30% Recharge Commission in Tour Rummy App.

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