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Rummy Rafael APK, Rummy Rafael Apk Download, Rummy Rafael Refer Earn Real Cash Earnings Loot Offer, app is a new app, which is specially designed for rummy lovers. If you are a rummy lover then this app is best suited to you. You can download it from the website very easily And you will get ₹51 signup bonus instant from the app that can be used to play games as well, And after downloading it, your process of play games and earn money will be started.

Rummy Rafael

You can earn money in many ways by playing different games, sharing the app or inviting your friends. Your winning money will be credited in your bank account directly on one click. Royally Rummy ₹51 Bonus Download Royally Rummy Apk

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Rummy Rafael Apk Is Now Famous And They Added Many New Games To Play. You Can Refer And Earn Huge Commissions And Bonuses As Well As Many Rewards So Promote Your Link And Earn Lifetime Income With Rummy Rafael.

You Can Play Many Games Like Rummy, 7up7Down, Dragon Vs Tiger, Andar Bahar, 3Patti, Horse Racing Etc. Play Many Online Games And Win Assured Paytm Cash Guys. The Rummy Rafael Is Totally Verified By Our Team And Also Gives Instant Payment. Rummy Noble Apk Download New Rummy Noble App

Like friends, a lot of applications are being launched now and with this, in this article too, another new and exciting application has been launched for you guys, in which you guys are getting a bonus of ₹ 51, now you guys get this bonus. You can use it to play the game, along with this, you will also love to know that a limit of only ₹ 100 has been kept in this application for taking withdrawals.

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About Rummy Rafael Apk

Friends, if you people are very much worried about this application that when this application will be launched, then for the information of you people, let us tell you that according to the recent news, it is known that this application will be launched in the next few days. This application is going to be like Rummy Rafael, as soon as it is launched, I will update you guys first on this website, so definitely keep visiting this website.

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This application is going to be so much bang that you people can not even guess because this application is going to be a type of Rummy application in which you are going to see a lot of rummy games and also many more programs in it. You are able to see through which you people can earn lakhs of rupees. Because there is going to be a very good referral program inside this application, with the help of which you can earn a lot of unlimited money. And there are many programs going to be found inside it, to know about which you must read this article completely.

What is Rummy?

Rummy is a card game, which is sometimes played with two packs. In this game, the players try to form sets and sequences of cards. The basic motto in any form of rummy is building melds that can be either sets or runs. This is a very interesting game, and once you start playing it, it’s very tough to stop in between.

How to Download Rummy Rafael App

The Rummy Rafael app is available on our website only. You can download it by the link given below and after signup, you will be rewarded ₹51 as a registration bonus. You have to open their website and click on the download button. And the downloading process will start. This is also very easy to download.

How To Register and Get Signup Bonus Rs.51 Rummy Rafael

Step 1 :- First of all you guys download this application through our given download button and install it inside your smartphone so that you guys can use this application.

Step 2 :- After that, as soon as you open this application, you will go to the home page, then after closing all the banners, you will click on the profile button.

Step 3 :- In which you will see a button which will be the button of Bind, by clicking on which you fill the details.

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Step 4: – Enter your mobile number and password in the Bind option and fill the OTP.

Step 5:- After that, as soon as you click on Confirm, you will be able to create an account inside this application.

Step 6 :- It is very good thing that on creating an account, you are also given a bonus of Rs.51 which you can use to play the game.

Dragon Vs Tiger And Earn An Unlimited Trick.

To do this, you have to follow a few steps. These are as follows-

  1. First of all, you have to download Rummy Rafael and open the Rummy Rafael app.
  2. Two, there will be an option called – VIP. You have to click on that.
  3. You can see the buy option; click on that.
  4. Four, now, you can choose ₹501. After that, we will have to add chips also. For that, click on add chips button.
  5. Five, you can see many options. Click on any available option on the screen to add these ₹501.
  6. This money will be added to your wallet; after adding it, go back to the home screen of the Rummy Rafael app to play.
  7. Now you can see – the dragon vs tiger game. Choose it to play.
  8. You have to bet either on the dragon or on the tiger. This betting will be done for ₹10.
  9. Now, suppose you chose tiger for betting on it. Now the game will start. In the end, if the tiger wins, then you will get ₹10* 1.95 = ₹19.5. And if in case tiger losses and dragon wins, you can again bet on tiger by 10+20= ₹30.
  10. If you win this time, you will get ₹30 x 1.95 = ₹58.5.
  11. If you again don’t win and continue losing, then try to bet like the below strategy. Below strategy bet is the famous strategy for winning for sure! Let’s hope for a win and start the game.

Features In Rummy Rafael App, Download Rafael Teen Patti Apk

Whenever you people look at any Rummy application, you get to see a lot of programs in it, in the same way this application is also going to happen in which you people will get to see the support of the best games along with the very best Refer program. It is going to be there, and many programs are going to be seen inside it, whose details you can read in the following given –

  1. First of all, as soon as you open this application, then you are going to see about 22 types of game support inside it.
  2. After that, you are going to get a very good share program inside it, in which you can get ₹ 100 on each friend’s share.
  3. And along with this, you are also going to get a very good program of Refer & Earn, in which you can also claim programs like weekly bonus and progress bonus with up to 30% commission.
  4. To apply for withdrawal, a minimum withdrawal program of ₹ 100 is going to be available through the bank and UPI.
  5. When you guys want to add money inside it then the good thing is that you guys can also add minimum ₹ 11.
  6. And in this, we get programs for four types of bonuses under the VIP program, about which you will know if you read this article further.
  7. And the best thing about this application is that you are going to get very good customer support through WhatsApp inside this application.

Games You Can Play in Rummy Rafael

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In the Rummy Rafael application, you get a chance to play the game in all 19 types of different variants to play the game. Here you can play your favorite game. Apart from this, you can win a lot of real money by using your skills properly in all these games. We are giving you information about all the games available in this application below.

  1. Ludo
  2. Rummy
  3. Teen Patti
  4. Variation
  5. Roulette Roulette
  6. Car Roulette
  7. Zoo Roulette
  8. 7 Up 7 Down
  9. Andar Bahar
  10. Crash
  11. 10 Cards
  12. Black Jack
  13. Best of five
  14. Teen Patti 20-20
  15. Poker
  16. Fruit Line
  17. 3 Card Poker
  18. Fishing Rush
  19. Baccart

Share and Earn Program

If you guys earn money by promoting very well any application, then this application can also prove to be very good for you because inside this Rummy Rafael such a share bonus program has been given in which if you share any friend If you share, then you go to give ₹ 100 on each friend’s share, which you can see in the below-

Share 1st Person to Get ₹80

Share 2nd Person to Get ₹90

Share 3rd & More Person to Get ₹100 Every Person.

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As you will be able to see in the above box that you are able to claim ₹ 100 on each friend’s invite and you will be able to claim this bonus only when ₹ 1000 is recharged by your friend.

Rummy Rafael Refer and Earn Program

Here you will get a 30% commission from each referral. Here in Rummy Rafael App, you can earn as many as you want commission because the 30% referral commission you earn from your referral is your Lifetime Income. More referrals mean more money. We will explain to you how to refer and earn in the Rummy Rafael app. And for that, you have to follow the following steps-

  • First of all, click on the Refer & Earn or Share option.
  • Now you have to share your Referral Link on YouTube, Telegram, WhatsApp or Facebook.
  • Now if someone registers by downloading Rummy Rafael Game from your link, then you will get 49 rupees instant.
  • When he adds money by playing the game, 
  • Then you will get his 30 percent commission.
  • To Withdraw the money earned from Refer, you will get to see the option written as Claim, click on it.

To claim the commission from your Refer & Earn, you have to click on the Refer & Earn button located on the home page, in which you will see a Claim button within the Rule section, on which click By doing this you can get your Referral Income. And to withdraw these commissions, you do not need to play any kind of game, you can send it directly to your bank.

Weekly Bonus Offer in Rafael Teen Patti

This is a program which is mainly designed for the promoters. Only and only complete motor can be taken advantage of this, people who earn money by referring, in this if you people get referral commission of more than ₹ 1000, then you get an additional ₹500 weekly bonus on it, this is beyond Pune. Many different amounts are available in different ways, whose information you can see in the list given below.

Bonus FromBonus ToExtra Bonus

How To Add Money In Rafael Royally App

If you want to win money by playing games from Rafael Royally App. So first you have to add some money in this application. Because when you add money to this application, your winning chances increase. The company allows you to add ₹ 10 payment here. Apart from this, here you get a separate cashback offer ranging from 2% to 5.5% on adding payment.

  • To add payment, you will see a Pay Shop option on the home page, on which you click.
  • Now you will be asked for some information related to payment. First of all, select the amount you want to add as much payment.
  • After this you complete your KYC, to complete KYC you enter your name, mobile number and E-mail ID.
  • Now you can pay through your UPI I’d, Paytm, Google Pay, PhonePe or Debit Credit Card.

Add Money Bonus

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In this application, you are being given a bonus by the company for adding money. If you add payment here, then the company gives you a cashback offer ranging from 2% to 5.5%. We are giving you information about how much bonus you get on adding down payment.

  • 1000Rs Add = Extra 2% Bonus
  • 3000Rs Add = Extra 2.5% Bonus
  • 5000Rs Add = Extra 3% Bonus
  • 8000Rs Add = Extra 3.5% Bonus
  • 8000Rs Add = Extra 3.5% Bonus
  • 10000Rs Add = Extra 4% Bonus
  • 500000Rs Add = Extra 4.5% Bonus
  • 100000Rs Add = Extra 5% Bonus

Is Rummy Rafael Game Safe?

Friends, for the information of all of you users, I want to tell that Rummy Rafael Game is a completely safe application. The payment you add in this application is completely secure. No tampering with your data is done by the company. That is, whatever payment method you are adding will be completely safe.

We want to clear one more thing to all of you users that you play the game by adding at least money here. Because this game involves financial risk. Because slowly this game gets addicted. It may be that if you have more money in this application and you lose more money there. So you play the game very wisely and thoughtfully in this application.

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